The Order of Initiated Knights and Companions of St John of Asia in Europe Thursday, Oct 8 2009 

“We know that Satan’s emissaries are coming there to work their mischief We know that a totally new and spurious order, the Knights of the True Light, has been created and is divided into the following five grades: Novices of three, five and seven years, Levites and Priests. All are said to be conferred free of charge and performed with acts of the blackest diabolic magic.”

- Group of Rosicrucians and Freemasons in Germany headed by Woellner… sent this letter to Duke Ferdinand von Braunschweig, Grand Master of the Strict Observance, it speaks of the “danger that fearfully threatens the Convention and so many lodges in Germany”. Woellner along with Bischoffswerder, and Crown Prince Frederick William later became members of the Order.

Guess what.

We’re Back!!!! (more…)

Try! Sunday, Sep 28 2014 


Announcement – FISSAPRMMUS Sunday, Sep 28 2014 


Burden of Silence Saturday, Sep 20 2014 

I thought, wrongfully but from a loving place in my heart, that we could finally speak openly, despite being told otherwise by those older and wiser than me. It would only bring persecution and there would be no effort made to know or understand, whether from Christian, Mosaelmun, or Jew. Eight years and after my commitments are fulfilled I return to Labour in the Burden of Silence.

25th Anniversary images from Loge zur aufgehenden Morgenröthe Sunday, Sep 14 2014 






   “The Spirit can only emerge from its own prejudice, and become accustomed to the whole of humanity, by embracing it with the bonds of unselfish love.”


Ten Impure Enumerations – translation now available Friday, Sep 12 2014 

Translation now available, see link below:

Energetic Matrix Wednesday, Sep 10 2014 

On September 10th, 2014 a formal transfer of energy from CSS to the Knights and Companions of St. John the Evangelist of Asia in Europe was enacted and duly noted.

Congratulations! Wednesday, Sep 10 2014 

Congratulations R. Moysze and Wittel Matuszewska, the Right Hand Lodge on a successful endeavor! And thank you for all of the hard work.

Alchymia Tuesday, Sep 9 2014 

Alchemical workings will begin this month for those in Southern climes.

Sohn der Morgenrote Tuesday, Sep 9 2014 

“In this latter World there was the all-powerful, the noblest and wisest of all spirits, called by the Mago-Cabalists, the Son of the Morning, and he was the first outpouring of the Endless in the glorified creation.”

“It was by means of the splendor of the divine light that he enveloped and glorified the entire creation, and by which he was also constantly illuminated and glorified. He was so glorified, that the infinite rays of the immeasurable majesty reached almost to him, and the whole spirit world lay between them. He was, so to say, the mirror, whose reflection perfectly epitomized the glory of the infinite.”

The Call Tuesday, Sep 9 2014 

“This is the true ancient doctrine, which was communicated to the fathers from the patriarchs, and so on until John the evangelist, lawfully committed it to writing as a means for us to communicate with each other, you will hear more of this in due time, it is what we term the Mago-Cabalistic call.”

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