Congratulations Brother J.! Sunday, Jul 24 2016 

We welcome you into the Holy Company! Second of the Twelve.


Congratulations Brother R.M. now also known as Brother P. Thursday, Jul 21 2016 

Congratulations Brother! For attainment of the First Primary and Inner Order Level as an Initiated Knight and Companion of St. John the Evangelist of Asia in Europe with all rights and privileges thereof.

Alchemical Change of State Thursday, Jul 21 2016 

   The change of state of a substance causes an alteration in the proportion of subtlety among the four elements and prevents the return of said substance to its former state. It has moved from its former state to an entirely new one. It is this “motion” that causes “our gold” to infuse or tinge our universal solvent in a similitude that is a reflection of its own self… thus this particular mutation is a “fiery golden water,” because the proportion of subtlety in its constituents has been altered.

Images from Freemasonic Speeches of the Gold and Rosy Cross Wednesday, Jul 20 2016 

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