Announcement Tuesday, Dec 8 2009 

Most Golden Dawn work requires several people, and most likely Temples will be near Major Cities… leaving others to spend much money in travel costs, or attempt Self-Initiation.

For quite some time I have been teaching Kabbalah to small groups in both Theory and Praxis. At least with what limited insight Ha’Shem has allowed me, considering that I am a simple “Prostuk”, ignorant of “mitzvot”, and rules of grammar.

I have also been working at reviving a predecessor of the Golden Dawn, the “Asiatic Brethren” (actually “The Initiated Knights and Companions of St John the Evangelist of Asia in Europe”… Brethren is now changed due to its Gender emphasis).

However, this required substantial alterations in some aspects of the Rite due to its original Masonic character… Since I am a Freemason and desire a rite that includes equal participation for both genders, the fact that there are several variations on Rituals, the Rituals are written in Older German, etc., this has been a bit of a task…

The desire is to be able to provide a Rite of initiation that is reasonably effective, teaches Equality between Male/Female, and the underlying Unity of Faith, and is able to transmit this current, and foster Spiritual growth.

It also needs to be operative with 3 Facilitators, and be able to be replicated rather handily.

To empower the Rite, a variety of options were explored. To affiliate formally with most organizations seemed over restrictive… or forcing potential members to learn a whole ‘nother system to access this one. Masonic affiliation was too problematic in other ways.

Then, the writer became enamored of the concept of Non-Hierarchical Fraternity/Sorority, espoused in the “Congregational Illuminism” developed by T. Allen Greenfield.

So, via an “Ecclesiastical” empowerment… the Rite is chartered through the Rite of Memphis-Misraim via old Gnostic lines, and other interesting currents…

We would also claim a species of empowerment via the G.’. D .’. separately from the Memphis-Misraim affiliation, and have received blessings from well renowned Kabbalists (particularly our dear Abba) in regards to the Kabbalistic emphasis.

Our Charters and Warrants have been substantially re-worded to reflect this emphasis on Equality and Harmony.

 The flavor will be far more Middle Eastern and Kabbalistic, with a Templar and Rosicrucian theme.

The Completed Rituals will be a short while in coming, although there are some in place… a review and translation of some German Rituals is being conducted right now.

In the mean time, we are working the system of 97 Memphis-Misraim Grades via scrying, using the extremely effective Greenfield-Bertiaux system.

This is a very interesting way to tap into things… (We have combined this with some other unique innovations).

We are also continuing Kabbalistic work… Theoretically and Practically.

The Lodges/Temples will utilize the effects of the Operative Nature of Esoteric transmission in a rather interesting manner.

There will be some interesting new Tools. Although, not Golden Dawn per se, the use of the Tree of Life as projected into a Solid Sphere, the Enochian System, and other such mechanisms will be utilized in the Rites at certain points. Healing will be emphasized. There will be a greater emphasis on the Divine Feminine, and Kabbalistic Music will be employed.

In the meantime, we offer Free of any charge (however, we would be quite willing to accept donations), to those interested in Scrying, and learning Kabbalah, instruction and guidance in these endeavors.

We only request that you record your experience to facilitate research into Scientific Illuminism.

To those interested in establishing a Lodge of the “Asiatic” Rite, we would encourage you to contact us. This is an interesting Experiment. No Fees or charges… we only desire to serve.



Amirah and the Study of the Merkabah Sunday, Dec 6 2009 

“A man who busies himself with matters pertaining to AMIRAH, even by telling stories only, is considered like one who studies the Merkabah.”

– The Sacred Lamp Rabbi Nathan Ashkenazi Gazati of Most Blessed Memory

The Three Veils Friday, Dec 4 2009 

In Hoc Signo Vinces!
Kether in itself is AIN and it ‘Encircles’ that which is below it… therefore it may be referred to as the ‘Crown’… which is from the root ‘Kithre’ – which translates as ‘encircling’.
Because it ‘Encircles’ those below it… it is not part of the Tree proper and thus sits above the mentalities which are referred to as ‘Mochin’ – which translates as “Brains”.
These mentalities or brains are referred to as ‘Wisdom’, ‘Understanding’, and ‘Knowledge’.
Otherwise ‘Hokmah’, ‘Binah’, and ‘Da’at’.
Due to the separation of the ‘Crown’ from the Tree. ‘Da’at’ assumes the place of ‘Kether’ and is the attainable ‘Crown’ to the ‘Created Beings’.
The Seven Lower Sephiroth are referred to as ‘Attributes’ or ‘Measurements’ and carry such names as ‘Chesed’ (Lovingkindness), ‘Geburah’ (Strength), Rachamim (Compassion a title of ‘Tiphareth’ or Beauty), etc…
AIN SVPh is ‘Without Limit’.
AVR is ‘Light’.
Note that:

AIN SVPh = 207 Gematria

AVR = 207 Gematria

Thus there is an equivalency between the ‘Boundless’ and ‘Light’.

Therefore, AIN SVPh AVR is the ‘Endless’ or ‘Boundless’ “Light”.

The World below… the World of Duality… Emanates from the Infinite Light and is shadowed forth by 207 being “Doubled”. AIN SVPh (207) + AVR (207) = 414 = 207 X 2. This is the AZOTh, the Beginning and the End.

What starts off as “Nothing” in “Kether” becomes “ANI” in Malkuth.

Duality is ‘Created’ out of ‘Endless Light’.

“ANI” translates as “I”.

ANI is a ‘Temurah’ (in this case a “Transposition” because the Letters are “Turned Around”) of AIN and carries the same Gematria of 61.

Thus the Transpositioning of the Self (“I” or “ANI”) leads to that “Crown” that is a “Lamp of Darkness” to those who are “Turned Around”.

Therefore, did Yaqob the Wise state:

“All religions, all laws, all books which have existed till the present, and he who reads them, it is exactly as though he turned his face backward and looked at words which have long since died. All this came forth from the side of death. But the wise man always has his eyes in his head, that is, one must always look at the one who walks before him and such a one looks neither to the right, nor to the left nor to the back, but only keeps his eyes on the one [in front of him] and walks directly behind him. Excluding the history of Jacob and Esau, since they do not belong to the books of Moses; they are passed on only by tradition from the ancestors.”

– The Collection of the Words of the Lord

So today, I pass this on to you, “by tradition from the ancestors”!

Benedictus Dominus Deus noster Qui dedit nobis signum!

Zohar Volume XVIII Shlach Lecha; Section 27 Thursday, Dec 3 2009 

206. On these days, new matters were repeated to the head of the Yeshivah about ancient secrets; ‘a wicked man thrives, a righteous man suffers.’ All the souls ascend into the weighing scale of that tree, WHICH IS MALCHUT, prior to their descent into this world and according to the weight they get in this world. The head of the Yeshivah came down and divulged what he heard above. He revealed one point and nothing else. If wood doesn’t kindle, they shake it and strike it and it gives off light. If the light of the soul does not come up in the body, strike it until it will light up with the soul, and unite together THE BODY WITH THE SOUL to give off light.

 207. A body exists but the light of the soul does not illuminate in it until they hit it. Then the light of the soul brightens and gets unified with the body, and the body is unified with her. When its light is lit from the soul, the body glorifies and exults and praises and lays out its prayer and request and blesses his Master. Behold, then everything is bright. AND THEREFORE THERE IS SUCH A THING AS A RIGHTEOUS MAN FOR WHOM THINGS ARE BAD, BECAUSE HIS SOUL IS NOT ILLUMINATED UNTIL HIS BODY IS HIT.