A Hint for the RC Saturday, Apr 9 2016 

   In the RR et AC the interplay between the Sphere and the Enochian Tablets and Chess Boards is a synchronized Computer of Stellar Energetics. To introduce yourself to this concept please watch the following “Ancient Computer” episode from NOVA showing that the first computer depicted Stellar events:

NOVA “Ancient Computer” episode link


Perception as an Act of Creation Saturday, Apr 9 2016 

Perception “Is” indeed Everything….
Nothing “Is” beyond Perception….
Thus, Ain (Nothing), is that which is beyond Perception.
Something (Yesh) comes from Nothing (Ain)…
Everything (Kol) is sourced in Something (Yesh)…
Therefore, All (Kol) is from Nothing (Ain).
Something (Yesh) can be Perceived yet Nothing can’t.

Star Map Friday, Apr 8 2016 

starmap peck restored

Sphere North Fr P

Sphere South Fr A