The following draft of a Mystical Tract on Tarshith and Jonah’s Ship in the Secret Religion was inspired by recent posts on Tarshith in R.C. literature by renowned author and researcher Russ R. Yoder. This inspired the present author to mystically expound on the topic from the perspective of the Ma’aminim. It is significant that the work of Rabbi Sphiro z”l, a kinsperson of Rabbi Yonaton Eiebschutz z”l met with select Dutch Millenarists to raise funds for Jews in the Holy Land prior to the Messianic fervent regarding AMIRaH. One of the Millenarists stemming from those circles was present in Ottoman Lands during the advent of AMIRaH and reported on him possibly fulfilling the prophecy of the Second Coming, i.e. Peter Serrarius, was a teacher of sorts of Christian Knorr von Rosenroth, the great Christian Kabbalist. This interaction is extremely significant as Rosenroth was likewise associated with R.C. circles as well. The extremely esoteric texts published by Rosenroth are the basis of much thought in period relevant Ritual Rosicrucianism as well as the 19th century revival of such as exemplified in a number of Organizations. The Ma’aminim were not just involved with the Dutch Millenarists of the 17th Century but feature prominently in interactions with the Unitas Fratrum, who had sent representatives to do outreach with them. This occurred just prior to certain significant events at Herrnhut. The influence of the Secret Religion of the Ma’aminim can be seen in the Asiatic Brethren, the Unitas Fratrum, Herrnhut, Emanuel Swedenborg, William Blake, the Bacstrom-Sibley-Rainsford Circle, the Order of the G.D. in the Outer, and the HB of L, among others. The draft has been uploaded to at the link posted below. The paper contains some highly esoteric insinuations that may not be understood by those more used to exoteric research masquerading under a fudged title as esoteric, thus it may not be understood by everyone… it was never intended to be. In other words it is actually esoteric, not just tagged as such. However, those who do not readily understand it may still be able to “feel” it. Within this text is much information on the Raza D’Meheminoiutha. Enjoy!