Wynn Westcott, founder of the Golden Dawn discusses the Ma’aminim Wednesday, Jul 24 2013 

β€œThe greatest of the wonder-working Rabbis were Isaac Loria, also called Ari; and Sabatai Zevi, who curiously enough became a Mahommedan. Both of these departments of Occult Rabbinic lore have their living representatives, chiefly scattered individuals; very rarely groups of initiates are found. In Central Europe, parts of Russia, Austria and Poland there are even now Jews, known as Wonderworking Rabbis, who can do strange things they attribute to the Kabalah, and things very difficult to explain have been seen in England, at the hands of students of Kabalistic rites and talismans.”

β€œ… a certain eminent Jew named Falk, or Dr. Falcon, lived in London (a reference to whom will be found in the “Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry” by Kenneth Mackenzie) and was of high repute as a teacher of the kabalah and of other studies of a Rosicrucian character; he was indeed said to have magical powers… Mackenzie classes Dr. Falk among the Rosicrucians of eminence, and certainly told me he had first hand evidence of his connection with the Society; many Christian students adopted a modification of the old Jewish kabalah, so perhaps some Jews have been allied to the Christian Rosicrucians.”


Regarding Frater AM’s blog and facebook page Tuesday, Jul 23 2013 

Announcement regarding the closing of the Light of a Golden Day blog and related facebook page(s):

I will no longer be teaching publicly, and entry to the AB group has been halted. Some exceptions will be made to Noachides, Geriyot or Gerim Tzadikim, ‘specific’ Muslim, Jewish, and Catholic students, etc… there could be some exceptions in ME, North America, Canada, Asia, S. America, Africa, and non EU countries, etc. Access to information could not be clicked on or off via country, or be post specific; it was simpler and more appropriate to just remove it. I also did not want to foster the impression that I have any desire to put my ‘name’ out there; or that I want to be remembered for anything I say or do, or don’t say or do, at all. Better to remove my name, so that G_d’s Name is exalted. To do otherwise would dishonour my own teachers and sect(s), to whom I am under virtuous obligation, and G_d’s light which I have only been allowed to glimpse through their shadow. There were also some instances of IP theft, etc. My apologies for any inconvenience, and thank you for understanding.