The Nine Principles of the Contra-Talmudist Manifesto to the Lwów Consistory – August 2nd, 1756 Friday, Dec 25 2015 

1. We believe in everything that was taught and commanded by God in the Old Testament.
2. The books of Moses and the other books of the Old Testament can be compared to a richly dressed maiden, whose face is covered and whose beauty cannot be seen. These books are full of the hidden wisdom of God; they speak of things mysterious and of the future, and therefore cannot be comprehended by human reason without the assistance of Divine Grace.
3. The rabbis of old times sought to expound the Old Testament. Their explanations are known as the Talmud and contain many lies, irrationalities, and much nonsense about and hostility to God and His teachings.
4. On the basis of the Old Testament, we believe that there is one God, without beginning or end, who is the maker of heaven and earth and all things known and unknown.
5. We believe that there are three persons within one God, without division within him.
6. We believe that God manifested himself in corporeal form, in all respects like other human beings, but without sin.
7. The city of Jerusalem will not be rebuilt until the end of time.
8. Jews have waited in vain for the Messiah to come to raise them above the whole world.
9. On the basis of the Old Testament, we believe that God would himself be clothed in human form and would atone for all the sins for which the world was cursed. At his coming the world would be pardoned and cleansed of all iniquity.

Excerpts from the Asiatic in his Nakedness Tuesday, Dec 8 2015 

The Dark Influence appears

… the entire Order derived from Br Marcus Ben Bina, Oker Harim; his betrayal

cover der asiate

   Page 75

    … A portion of this obligation has been fulfilled in the present work. If the wise Fathers have enough audacity to contradict this, let them dare; because they will then be forced to return to account for yet another document, proving that they are running such a disgraceful trade, frankly it is entirely synonymous with fraud. This is not to say that all the initiates know the reason for this legerdemain; some very righteous people have been drawn into this as if by elevator. Now, it is difficult to understand this case and yet be unable to discuss it due to obligations, however, there are certainly no societal secrets in such a confluence of black souls, as here; for it is a true gathering place of clever minds, dreamers, and cunning swindlers. Such examples, being set to record, even if denied, can establish proof.

   After what we have discussed here, one should not think about how much of this will simply turn into idle threats.

   – I hope the wise Fathers will at least see from these pages, that they know, and hold dear, that I can I assure you that if they wish to continue pursuing their mischief in Freemasonry; then very soon, honest Brethren will put a stop to them. In their current form, they are not to be treated lightly.

   The accounting practices that the Superiors have engaged in, were able to demonstrate, that the Gratis of which they continually chatter, even when there is nothing, is demanded anyway, so then the invoice will be crossed out and another figure that runs ever higher replaces it, and as it climbs higher, the eyes fall further.

   At this time, only their Order Names were cited. However, if this farce, which is obviously so detrimental to True Masonry, does not stop soon, then their secular names shall likewise be revealed, however, be prepared, for we shall make known even more striking matters which have, until this time, been abandoned by the fainthearted, to protect the people. The things I have now given only as hints, will stand out quite obviously because they are not, and should not be, considered invisible, as their wise Fathers in Europe are said to be. I have yet to mention a certain German Prince whom they intended to lure into their snares, but failed to catch. Therefore, when these documents are first published and they contain certain letters, that this Prince has inferred were initiated by father Abraham and his Consorts, what would you say then?

   None of this is reasonable to you, because these letters are in the archives of princes and bear witness against you. But I will never cease speaking of it with clarity!

   – Father Abraham, was also not so ill-intended, he is Absolute Sovereign. He is in many respects a man of integrity, that is, namely, what he does is not done out of malice only out of necessity, but father Israel? (note from translator: the writer is unaware of certain details regarding Father Israel, there was some swindling but in a slightly different direction…) who knows whether or not he is in the Masons’ guild, and as we know him?

   – His Asian brothers will never get to know him, because his character is impervious to dissimulation in the superlative, while his spiritual-capacity is in the diminutive, and yet he is a wise father?

   Alas beloved brethren! being that there are fathers and brothers in this society even darker than he, they are still known as worthy brethren. Is this Rhyme itself that well composed? –

   Allow me the liberty of one more question: From where does your wisdom derive? As I have mentioned above they were forgeries (note by translator, i.e. in their ‘collation’ and attribution as per below), produced by renegade Rosicrucians, and that is the truth. That being said, I still have not expressed the massive amount of effort that Br. Marcus Ben Bina has given to this system, which was quite purely-made in the form it now has, and derived almost entirely from his Visions and Foolproof Cabbalistic Exegesis, which has also suffered, entirely due to your patchwork. From him were derived the majority of all documents, it was his (bold type by translator) property, they were enticed out of him, and if you also made him Oker Harim, what was the compensation?

   *There are some groups deriving from the renegade Rosicrucians that continued the darker side of the Brethren. Instead of becoming more inclusive as were the visions of the true Oker Harim, they became more exclusive… even forbidding membership to those of the Jewish Faith… a continuance of the Usurpers of the Mysteries, monied folk, continuing to charge and swindle their members. Our Order is connected in a variety of ways to the true Oker Harim and divorces itself from any groups deriving from contemporary revisionist efforts in the U.S. and Europe. Many such organizations at one time functioned under a distinctly Anti-Semitic Banner, they are the Eckrim, often presenting as Angels of Light they promote the false wisdom of the Dark Fathers.

Continuation of the “Dark influence Descends”

– the persecution of Brother Marcus Ben Binah – Oker Harim

   Brief Review:

   Continued from above. Brother Marcus Ben Binah has been unlawfully imprisoned by the very Brethren he had worked for to infuse truly Esoteric teachings into the Order. They had worked him to physical failure and had completely impoverished him. When he requested his due compensation as promised he was incarcerated on fraudulent charges by the heinous Nobility and Renegade Rosicrucians:

Continued Translation from The Asiatic in his Nakedness starts here:

   And as he expressed the truth as he spoke unabashedly, what was his fate? What now, what will be his fate? We hope for the best, because we believe that the human race has not fallen so far, that one playeth with human freedom as with a ball in one’s hand. And if events do not occur in a manner that is found acceptable to us, then – Ye shall fall, Asiatic Society! from the very throne of your Secret Chiefs, for Pascual is still alive, he will save Marcus Ben Bina, and it would be quite easy for him to expose you. And if he remains silent, then the Christian Masonic Brethren will arise, and strike the final blow to your Order. It is in regards to the so-called doctrine of the Order, and the so-called oriental Philosophy (because true Philosophy ought to be true, should it not?) Marcus Ben Bina performed the greatest service to the Order. The more he wove the Hebrew and Cabbalistic words into the documents, the more astonished the Wise Fathers became, they were always cheering him on to be ever more industrious, promising, – in general, Because a gentleman does not promise everything, as if nature stands at his very command – in short, they promised so very much, and Marcus believed that this was true, as if he were, in the true sense of the word, in Abraham’s bosom.

   – But the happiness did not last very long, for none of the High Mysteries were concealed from Marcus, he was a Brother that had been employed by the Order, he understood how everything was interconnected, where it all originated from, and he requested his due compensation instead of legerdemain, and that he was worn out and had enough of their antics, and that material objects have no intrinsic value on their own, thus it cannot be obtained from them, or they would be worth their weight in gold. He did not wish to do this, but the Unknowns who played behind the veil, took too much for themselves, and Marcus was expected to seek the crumbs that fell from the rich man’s table; and this the most comfort he received, and was it any wonder that the murmur has been so loud that you heard about it in several places in Germany? Was this right of you, Wise Father! now that your fellow comrades have voted with their feet, maybe because they believed he had been deprived? It is admittedly dangerous, as you see once again from these examples, for people to offend the ad. maj. Dei gloriam, for love of their own prospects, and think they can get away with anything, to save themselves, and destroy their opponents, But – I and many older Masons, we now intend to be martyred for the truth, we wish to protect Masonry as long as we may, and therefore it is through that impudent brow that we will strike you. Not for our sake but for your own, because we have concealed your secular names, but these pages have been printed with the sole intent to hand them over to the Masons to prove that ye are the Rosicrucians, and that those who have already been initiated into the lower levels have been held back from the higher. Your initiates, as you well know, will soon discover, if their brains have not been corrupted by your fumes, that all the above is True; and that it was my purpose to write the more detailed-truths, so that it is useful, and could even be found useful without being offensive to non-masons, there is a great deal that I did not say, and I did not state everything openly, but I could have done so easily. Would the crowd have been tickled if your Tapis had been engraved on copper and milled?

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