The “original” G.D. utilized the Hebrew meaning of certain “Kabbalistic” terms such as mercy, severity, and compassion. These terms carry a much broader meaning in Hebrew than the English words they are frequently translated into. In many contemporary WMT circles the terms are narrowly defined as if they were related 1:1 to specific English and Western terms. For this reason it is important to examine the incorrect use of these terms and their broader sense when applied Kabbalistically. Much of the modern narrative stems from ego-based desires of certain individuals to place a very specific meaning on these terms and is often utilized to unfairly criticize others in an attempt to assert moral superiority over those impugned as “less enlightened” by said critics. Hebrew is a pregnant language, which is quite different than the more specific and descriptive Western languages.

   The original G.D. under Westcott and Mathers had a much better grasp of Hebrew, and had legitimate connections to Kabbalistic and Hassidic teachings than many of the later groups stemming from them. Some of these later groups applied meanings derived almost entirely from Exoteric Protestant-Anglican Theology and inaccurately redefined the terms taking them out of their original Kabbalistic context. An even newer, pernicious, and far more inaccurate alteration of said terminology can be seen at present in the use of “Politically Correctness” or “Critical Theory” in WMT circles-  Critical Theory is a construct which incorporates and combines subtly or overtly harsh and condemning rhetoric with an inaccurate and biased view of Traditional Western Society and Culture utilizing false narratives, constant criticism, and derision of Western traditions, mores, and folkways by cherry-picking the negative aspects of Western History and unfairly comparing them to the best parts of other non-western Traditions and their Histories. Critical Theory is very much akin to invocation and evocation to tangible manifestation of Qliphotic forces. It  developed out of the Frankfort School of Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism is synonymous with Critical Theory and Political Correctness.

   The 3 Pillars are divided into Mercy (or “Love” i.e. Chesed), Severity (or “Strength” i.e. Geburah), and Compassion (Rachamim). However, note that Rachamim is a “plural” term and is more intensely emotional. It relates strongly to and has derivation from “bowels” or “womb”. This is also notable in Rosenroth’s Latin, which by the way is quite impressive in the manner he utilizes terms with a broader meaning to communicate a more accurate sense of the Hebrew than is presently apparent in modern circles using English in a very narrow and specific manner.

   For example in the following Bible verse note the varied ways “Rachamim” is translated: “And Joseph made haste; for ‘his bowels did yearn’ (Rachamim) upon his brother: and he sought where to weep; and he entered into his chamber, and wept there.” – KJV (Genesis 43:30)… or in the NASB version Rachamim in the same verse is translated “deeply stirred” or in the MEV “deeply moved”. As can readily be seen in the broader interpretive context there is a strong(er) emotional component to the term Rachamim. Rachamim is always used in the plural because it is the Central Pillar as well as the Central Sefirah Tifaret, and can incorporate Chesed or/and Geburah. Some comparisons of the range of interpretation of the term “Rachamim” in this verse can be found here:

   To place the term Rachamim in perspective, one could consider the case of a toddler that is incorrigible about running into a busy thoroughfare while playing. The Parent who only applies Chesed, which is the ever-flow of love in the form of an all-accepting or all-forgiving grace-mercy or “Mother-Love” without restraint of its flow via Geburah may very well end up with a dead or injured child. Is this “Compassionate”? Heck no!… its outright dangerous and NOT in the best interest of the child! The parent that actually incorporates Geburah in its emotional “Pachad” aspect via instilling a species of “fearful-awe” by verbally scolding or even paddling (with some emotional intent i.e. “hollering”) the toddler’s little behind is being far more “Compassionate” than the excessively “Merciful” and more “Politically Correct” Parent.  And the child will be far safer. This is the “equilibrium of the balance” which allows the World to exist. And this child is a “World,” so to speak.

   In the human body, there are likewise 3 sets of influences. This relates to the World of Assiah (Action) and thus these influences consist of 3 sets of physical “Activities”. There is Anabolism (building-up), Catabolism (tearing-down), and Homeostasis (equilibrium). If either Anabolism or Catabolism proceed unchecked, the inevitable result is death. Yet, Homeostasis (equilibrium) is not achieved by a perfect constant balance between the Opposites but by a see-saw action between the two extremes. Cancer is unchecked Anabolism. Wasting syndromes are unchecked Catabolism. The human body is almost entirely regenerated in 7 years time which allows life to continue on. There are stages where old cells are torn down and new cells built up. There is a constant fluctuation between the opposites or life would not continue, nor could it. These things should be kept to mind when discussing the related Kabbalistic terms.

   This is the crux of Sabbatianism which is most definitely present in the G.D. paradigm. (Side Note: There is a common misperception that Rosenroth was not influenced by Sabbatianism. Rosenroth was directly involved with a number of Sabbatian Kabbalists and his mentor was one of the primary European Christian Millenarists reporting on Sabbatian events in the Holy Land and Ottoman Empire) Also noting that the G.D. first mentioned itself as a continuation of Dr Falk’s z”l circle. R. Falk z”l was impugned by R. Emden (may his memory be blotted out!) in his accusations against Sabbatians and Falk z”l left a number of Hebrew R.C. documents in Algiers which came into the possession of the Rainsford-Bacstrom-Sibley circle who were attempting to install the Asiatic Rite in England. Westcott not only emphasized the importance of R. Falk z”l (as did K.R.H. MacKenzie) but is one of the few Esotericists in his time to give due credit to Shabtai Tzvi himself. Since the materials of Bacstrom, Rainsford et al flowed into the Mackenzie-Hockley-Irwin-Holland circle and Francis Barrett (also associated with Hockley) had involvement with R. Falk z”l, it is praiseworthy that Sabbatianism is being explored in some modern G.D. circles. That being said, it should be noted that “Compassion” in a Kabbalistic and original G.D. sense may not be identical with the use of the term in contemporary circles, which hold to a rather modern and more Politically Correct interpretation.