There were 288 Sparks which fell and these may be derived in a variety of manners.

   Since there occurred a species of fall in all but the Highest of Sefirot. Each Sefirah is itself a World of 32 Paths. And thus, 9 Sefiroth x 32 Sparks = 288 Sparks that Fell.

   In each categorization of the Great Name, there are also found 72 Sparks. Since there are 4 species of this Name, 4 Names x 72 Sparks = 288 Sparks that Fell.

  “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God hovered above the face of the waters.”

   – Genesis (Bereshit) I: 1-2

   In the above excerpt from the Torah, the term for ‘hovered’ or ‘was hovering’ is merachefet (MRChPhTh). The letters of this term can be transposed or recombined (a form of ‘Temurah’) into two terms. The first term is spelled Mem-Tav (Meit) and means “died”. The second term is R-Ph-Ch denoting the number 288 (Resh [200] + Peh [80] + Cheth [8]). Thus we learn from Our Teacher, the ARIZAL, in Sefer Likutim; the “Death of the Kings of Edom” is analogous to the “Shattering of the Vessels,” which caused the fall of the 288 Sparks of the Kings of Edom and from which the World of Emendation has been reconstructed from the residua of the Fallen Kings.