1. We believe in everything that was taught and commanded by God in the Old Testament.
2. The books of Moses and the other books of the Old Testament can be compared to a richly dressed maiden, whose face is covered and whose beauty cannot be seen. These books are full of the hidden wisdom of God; they speak of things mysterious and of the future, and therefore cannot be comprehended by human reason without the assistance of Divine Grace.
3. The rabbis of old times sought to expound the Old Testament. Their explanations are known as the Talmud and contain many lies, irrationalities, and much nonsense about and hostility to God and His teachings.
4. On the basis of the Old Testament, we believe that there is one God, without beginning or end, who is the maker of heaven and earth and all things known and unknown.
5. We believe that there are three persons within one God, without division within him.
6. We believe that God manifested himself in corporeal form, in all respects like other human beings, but without sin.
7. The city of Jerusalem will not be rebuilt until the end of time.
8. Jews have waited in vain for the Messiah to come to raise them above the whole world.
9. On the basis of the Old Testament, we believe that God would himself be clothed in human form and would atone for all the sins for which the world was cursed. At his coming the world would be pardoned and cleansed of all iniquity.