There is no doubt that some high level officers of the AB knew and appreciated St. Martin, and there is an influence of St Martin on a small component of an AB Ritual. When the nobility tried to abscond with the AB Rituals to enrich themselves while impoverishing their composer, Hirschfeld… he was thrown in prison for confronting said Princes and Nobles. Jacob Frank’s nephew and co-composer of the Rituals, Moshe Dobruska… aka Thomas von Schoenfeld aka Junius Frey; collected monies from the Frankist sect to rescue Hirschfeld. After leaving the prison (mostly due to a certain person’s death) they both stayed with St Martin and actually corrected St Martin on certain aspects of Kabbalah.

   Dobruska was the hand-picked successor to Jacob Frank but he declined this role (which held Messianic overtones) to go to Paris during the great political upheavals under the name Junius Brutius Frei or Frey. His Sister Leopoldine Frei married Chabot. (If one examines the Revolution and the Terror, etc. these are quite established facts) He wrote some outstanding essays on freedom, etc. But due to his payment of a large dowry to Chabot in the betrothal of his sister (and related associations with the Tea Company venture, subsequent mass paranoia of the terror, and being a Jew, etc), he (and his brother) fell victim to the violence and were hung with the Dantonists.

   Hirschfeld returned to the Frankist conclave of Offenbach and was involved with the Morgenrote Lodge for a time. He attempted to install the AB Rite but this was shut down by the Lodge. The Morgenrote officers even denied Hirschfeld was ever a member; and then forbade “Mystical Orders” from being installed within the Lodge. Hirschfeld continued working on the Order and its principles his entire life despite the illegal publishing of the rituals (which he “legally owned”) some years later. The AB attempted to follow the dictates of the Frankist Scriptures (Dicta 678.), i.e. “The Gods of Freemasonry will have to do that which those two did.” The Order eventually retracted into Frankism and the sect began to function “as an Order” with “recruiting stations” in places such as Warsawa. Some of Hirschfeld’s writings were incorporated within the sect to initiate “Neophytes” and Hirschfeld was referenced by members of the Prague Circle using the title “Hierophant”.

   I’ve seen no evidence that St Martin was ever “initiated” into the AB before or after (… but that would not really have been possible) its retraction into Frankism.