“All virtues, all that are beautiful, good and pleasant, all noble, real, or even conceivable virtues need to be presented to G_d in the highest degree, and as is shown above, G_d is concentrated in man, and is confident with man’s ability to comprehend him as well, and it is the people that he not only allows, but it is even their duty, to search for any connection of a virtue to G_d. Suppose, for example, the Kabbalistic principle that, under the expression, “Heavenly Copulation” or ZIVVGIM, “Rectification of the Sexes” or B’SVD DBR V’NVQBA (*) that many secrets lie hidden, these expressions are not only quite incomprehensible to the profane, but may even appear obscene.

   “You can see this point the 1st Book of Kings (7, 36), and think about the originals found in the Hebrew expression: BMOR AISh V’LVIVTh. – But heed what is said here, that all the virtues and powers are united in their highest potencies in G_d, so that at first glance what is a seemingly obscure sentence is actually understandable. He just wants to express the divine attribute of love in its highest power, which, if it is of a pure nature, does unite all the virtues in himself, and is able to propagate them indefinitely.— From the love and rectification of two individuals of different sex arises a family. Now, what countless virtues can develop in the domestic life of a good and moral family that are not possible in any other circumstances! Father, mother, and children — the intricacies of the bond of love! — Conjugal love, paternal love, maternal love, filial love and sibling love! — What countless virtues and noble character traits are molded from the image of a good family home! — Verily! For all the true virtues of social life may only be exercised, it must be found, under the close looped ties of conjugal home, and family life, and for all the more reason that one may respond with more strength and devotion to their own. Could or would the profane take this to heart, they would certainly find it in some of the places and expressions in the Kabbalah, and no offense, but keeping them for what they really are, namely, strong expletives, where a single word in itself apprehends more than what can not usually be expressed through hundreds of words.”

– Peter Beer – “History, Teaching, and Opinions of all past, and still existing Religious and Occult or Kabbalistic Sects of the Jews”, Brünn, 1823.