Announcement regarding the closing of the Light of a Golden Day blog and related facebook page(s):

I will no longer be teaching publicly, and entry to the AB group has been halted. Some exceptions will be made to Noachides, Geriyot or Gerim Tzadikim, ‘specific’ Muslim, Jewish, and Catholic students, etc… there could be some exceptions in ME, North America, Canada, Asia, S. America, Africa, and non EU countries, etc. Access to information could not be clicked on or off via country, or be post specific; it was simpler and more appropriate to just remove it. I also did not want to foster the impression that I have any desire to put my ‘name’ out there; or that I want to be remembered for anything I say or do, or don’t say or do, at all. Better to remove my name, so that G_d’s Name is exalted. To do otherwise would dishonour my own teachers and sect(s), to whom I am under virtuous obligation, and G_d’s light which I have only been allowed to glimpse through their shadow. There were also some instances of IP theft, etc. My apologies for any inconvenience, and thank you for understanding.