206. On these days, new matters were repeated to the head of the Yeshivah about ancient secrets; ‘a wicked man thrives, a righteous man suffers.’ All the souls ascend into the weighing scale of that tree, WHICH IS MALCHUT, prior to their descent into this world and according to the weight they get in this world. The head of the Yeshivah came down and divulged what he heard above. He revealed one point and nothing else. If wood doesn’t kindle, they shake it and strike it and it gives off light. If the light of the soul does not come up in the body, strike it until it will light up with the soul, and unite together THE BODY WITH THE SOUL to give off light.

 207. A body exists but the light of the soul does not illuminate in it until they hit it. Then the light of the soul brightens and gets unified with the body, and the body is unified with her. When its light is lit from the soul, the body glorifies and exults and praises and lays out its prayer and request and blesses his Master. Behold, then everything is bright. AND THEREFORE THERE IS SUCH A THING AS A RIGHTEOUS MAN FOR WHOM THINGS ARE BAD, BECAUSE HIS SOUL IS NOT ILLUMINATED UNTIL HIS BODY IS HIT.