Reb Shmuel son of our Master Rabbi Shlomo Segal, with crying and profuse tears: Gentlemen (rabotai), first I confess before you how I denied the entire Torah: I did not observe the Sabbath, I smoked tobacco on the day of Sabbath, I ate non-kosher meat (treyfut). I did not transgress with a married woman in practice, only on fantasizing about it (hirhur eishet ish). I hugged and kissed Chaya the wife of Hershil Shabtis [daughter of Elisha Shor of Ruhumin] approximately six times, [but] in actuality I did not do anything[else] with her. She told me, You are not worthy to deal with me, for I believe in Shabtai Tzvi, and my father, also my grandfather, and my uncle, they all believe, [but] you still did not learn much Torah, you do not have this privilege (zchiyah). Once, I propositioned her to sin, [and] she responded, Did you learn today Song of Songs (Shir HaShirim) like me? How are you permitted to do such a holy [act]?