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 “Letter to A Turkish Believer”


Dear B,

I think [my attached comments to Rav Salamon Nasi] set an example for those who believe as we do that we must not be made to feel ashamed of who we are or be intimidated by religious sectarians and, most especially, their leaders.

What we have spoken here also sends a message to those religious sectarians and their leaders that they cannot intimidate or shame us — that we take direction from God, not them — and that any efforts on their part to publically shame or intimidate us will rebound back on them.

God promised my forefather Jacob (for whom I am named, after all), “Those who curse you I will curse, and those who bless you I will bless.” I thank God that He has made, makes and will continue to make it so.

Abba Yakov Leib


With Rav Salamon Nasi of Turkey


[NOTE: Following exchange is between Reb Yakov Leib and Rav Salamon Nasi, leader of the Orthodox Jewish Hasidim of Turkey. [That is, those who are violently opposed to Sabbatai Zevi and Neo-Sabbatian Kabbalah.] It was initiated by Rav Salamon when he joined Yalhak’s group, “Neo-Sabbatian Ma’aminim,” and registered to attend his weekday morning classes on the Zohar,]
REB YAKOV LEIB: Shalom Respected Rav. I’m pleased to see that you have honored me by becoming a Facebook friend, joining my group of “Neo-Sabbatian Ma’aminim” and planning to attend my lectures on the Zohar.I am honored but, at the same time puzzled. I wonder why a Gadol[Great Rabbi] such as yourself would want to associate with a heretical ignoramus like me.

If it is to debate, then I will tell you, with all respect, what Jacob Frank told others,

“I know nothing of Torah and Talmud, mitzvot and rituals.”

I know and teach nothing about Judaism, or any other religion for that matter; I only know and teach about G_d as He reveals Himself directly to me, not through the teachings of Judaism or any other religion, but directly by dreams and visions and the voice of the Ruach HaKodesh [Holy Spirit]. “I bless Yaweh, who is my counselor, and in the night my inmost self instructs me.” (Psalms 16:7)

I have no desire to convince anyone of, or to convert them to anything, least of all to what I believe and teach. In fact, I am not even certain I am “right” — but I leave that for God, not others, to decide.

Truly, as you say, we are judged by God every day, and I submit myself to His judgment and not to that of men. What I do, I do to please Him, not others, and He, not they, will decide whether or not I have succeeded.

If I am wrong, then let God punish me. If others are wrong, then let God punish them. It is not for us to decide, but Him, and I surrender with a glad heart to His judgment.

With All Respect,

Yakov Leib ben Moshe HaKohain

RAV SALAMON NASI: Shalom Reb Yakov. Thank you for your polite message. It was poor judgment given with unpure thoughts — allow me to withdraw my request to attend your lecture.
 Have I, all of a sudden, forgotten that only G_d may change the hearts of the resha’im [evil doers]? Many nowadays believe that “causality” is the basis of all daily actions. Have I now become one of them? In fact there is not necessarily any connection between phenomena that usually occur in a certain order. Instead G-d has ordained that certain phenomena shall always occur in a certain order. Thus my role is inferior from being insignificant compared to His will.
You are and I am, what He wills. Therefore, I can only, but only, remind you that we all must repent now, immediately, as there is not much time. Even a rasha gamur [totally evil person] may repent and appear before his death as a addigamur[totally holy person]. 
Even a If I am wrong, I pray for His mercy to turn my heart to His right path. If the others are wrong, I can only but pray for G_d’s mercy upon them.


 R. S.Nasi

REB YAKOV LEIB: Rav: Yes, you have forgotten.
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